OG Surf & Skate Shop was established in 2006 when it was opened to inspire kids and grown ups alike while at the Jersey Shore. The idea was to have a small hard core shop supporting the true essence of the surfing and skating lifestyle.

The shop was originally located on Main Avenue in historic Ocean Grove and quickly became a place to gather for those who loved the surf and skate lifestyle. It was a place where they could find the clothing, accessories, and gear that represented that vibrant way of life.

In May 2015, OG Surf & Skate moved to its current location at 53 Main Avenue in the heart of Ocean Grove. We are located between the Cheese Shop and the hardware store. It’s just two blocks from OG Surf & Skate to the Ocean Grove beaches. We are also close to the Asbury Park and Bradley Beach train stations. For directions on getting to OG Surf & Skate, you can click here.

Samantha S. has been owner of OG Surf and Skate since 2012. Samantha (aka Sammie) is a graduate of Philadelphia University and holds an MBA from there as well. Sammie fell in love with the surf and skate culture (as well as fashion) at an early age and being the owner of a shop like OG Surf and Skate is a lifelong dream! Sammie’s goal is to make OG Surf and Skate a destination for those who love the surf and skate lifestyle as much as she does.


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